Whether you want to attract a new partner, impress someone at work or simply feel more comfortable with your reflection, Kazaro offers the type of treatments that can inspire confidence in the way you feel about yourself.
If you suffer from wrinkles or lines then dermal fillers are one of the most effective and popular ways to combat them. Not only will dermal fillers give you a fresher and more youthful appearance, if applied to the lips they can also make them appear fuller. Furthermore, the recovery time from dermal fillers is minimal, meaning you can walk out of the surgery and almost immediately continue your life as the new you. Another common way to overcome wrinkles and lines is with Botox Injections. However, while it is a widely-held misconception that these simply puff up the face to tighten it, what the natural protein actually does is relax the muscles so that you stop frowning. As well as being pain-free you can also carry on your life straight away.
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Botox 1 Area £ 95.00 book
Botox 2 Areas £ 165.00 book
Botox 3 Areas £ 215.00 book
Sculptra £ 295.00 book

Dermal Fillers

0.5mls £ 195.00 book
1.0ml £ 235.00 book
Lips Enhancement from £ 250.00 book
Cheek Enhancement Teosyal Ultimate £ 450.00 book

Hyper Hidrosis – Excesive Sweating

Underarms £ 400.00 book
Hands £ 400.00 book
Forehead £ 250.00 book
Scalp from £ 400.00 book

Peter Konczak
One of the most experienced experts in the field of Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles.
He has done more than 4000 successful procedures.