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Imagine your face were perfectly beautiful… when you wake up in the morning… had no time to do your make-up or have problems because you wear glasses… when you go swimmimg or to the sauna…or when you want to go out dancing all night.Imagine your face were perfectly beautiful…in every situation:The PUREBEAU method: a sophisticated technique enables the gentle insertion of colour pigments into the top layers of your skin. Sparse or irregular eyebrows and eyelash hairlines as well as unsymmetrical lip contours and a lack of redness in the lips can be perfected and corrected to last for up to two to five years.

Eyebrow £ 200.00 book
Eyeline Top £ 150.00 book
Eyeline Bottom £ 110.00 book
Eyeline Top and Bottom £ 220.00 book
Lips Contour £ 180.00 book
Lips Contour and Shadow £ 220.00 book
Full Lips £ 250.00 book

Additional treatments or corrections, allergy test
– price on consultation
* Prices includes only one correction



Natural Look Make Up £ 30.00 book
Special Occasion or Wedding Make Up £ 40.00 book