Waxing is a great alternative to shaving if you have hair you’re uncomfortable with. Waxing is recommended for people of all ages and both genders. It is recommended that people start getting wax treatments at a young age, when the hair is fine and will be less painful to remove, anyone can get it done, regardless of age.Waxing is better than shaving because it removes hair from the root. When you shave you just cut the hair, so two hours later, you can see the hair there or the blue shadow – the hair follicle below the skin. Waxing, on the other hand, not only can last up to a month, but it’s also much more permanent—over time it thins the hair so less grows back


Upper Lip or chin £ 5.00 book
Lip & Chin £ 8.00 book
Cheeks £ 15.00 book
Full face £ 23.00 book
Underarms £ 9.00 book
Upper Leg
£ 18.00 book
Lower Leg £ 16.00 book
Full Leg
£ 25.00 book
Basic Bikini Line £ 10.00 book
Hollywood £ 25.00 book
£ 22.00 book
Full Arms
£ 20.00 book
Half Arms
£ 15.00 book
Full Back £ 30.00 book
1/2 Back or Stomach
£ 20.00 book
Chest £ 25.00 book
Full Body
£ 95.00 book